Lynda Gagnon is a visual artist born in Quebec. Following her studies at Collège Marie-de-l'Incarnation, she studied literature at Cégep in Trois-Rivières. She also completed a two-year Fine Arts program with professors Maria Gabankova and Mirko Jakobow, and studied a year in graphic design in British Columbia. Her artworks are part of private collections in Quebec, Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, the United States and Europe. Lynda lives in Montreal and has worked in graphic design and as a web designer and project manager. She has also hosted children's art workshops through the Faculté Saint-Jean in Edmonton. Lynda recently decided to dedicate her time to art. She learns through research, exploration and experimentation.

“My art revolves around the theme of the individual and intends to express the universality, the geometry and the complexity of emotions and thought. Through colors, forms and paint words, stories and poetry that are associated with places, people, sounds, smells and fleeting moments. I mainly use acrylic paint and ink as well as glass for the creation of mosaics. I am inspired by David Hockney, Robert Delaunay, Gabriele Münter and Emily Carr. "

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